Pellicon® Capsules with Ultracel® Membrane


  • The Pellicon® Capsules with Ultracel® membrane are the ideal TFF devices for the filtration of solutions that require single-use capabilities, including enhanced ease-of-use, process flexibility, product turnaround, and reduced operator exposure.
    The Pellicon® Capsule is the first of its kind — a true single-use TFF device that comes ready to process in minutes. Self-contained, it employs an easy-to-use, holderless format and is supplied gamma sterilized with preservative-free reverse osmosis water.
    This new addition to the Pellicon® family shares the same unbeatable performance of Pellicon® cassettes and are linearly scalable, making it easy to transition between both formats.
    Pellicon® Capsules are ideal for the filtration of solutions that require single-use capabilities, including:
    Rapid batch turnaround for higher plant productivity
    Lower risks of product cross-contamination
    Self-contained device for increased operator safety
    Process flexibility for multi-product manufacturing facilities
    Optimum use of time and resources from minimal device preparation
    Pellicon® Capsules with Ultracel® membrane are designed for excellent product retention, recovery, and high yields. Ultracel® void-free composite membranes combine ultra-low protein binding, low fouling, and organic solvent resistance with superb mechanical strength.
    Plug ’n play, holderless design — easy to install, safe to remove.
    Gamma sterilized and preservative-free — ready to process in minutes.
    True single-use, self-contained capsule — fast, safe, and flexible batch turnaround.
    Proven Ultracel® membrane and C screen — high recovery, superior mass transfer, solvent resistance.
    Pellicon® TFF proven performance — true linear scalability within Pellicon® TFF families.
    Antibody drug conjugates
    Monoclonal and bispecific antibodies
    mRNA and plasmids
    Viral vectors and viral vaccines
    Recombinant and non-recombinant proteins

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