ProCellics™ Raman Analyzer


  • High ingress protection: The analyzer is IP65 rated preventing ingress of dust and water jets from any angle.
  • Adaptable: Six meters of optical cable between the analyzer and the probe allows for flexibility in placement and ease of use.
  • Easy implementation: The probe head and tube can be easily assembled and disassembled. The probe adaptor is compatible with standard PG13.5 ports, including ports of single-use assemblies; three lengths of tubing are available.
  • CIP/SIP compatibility: The stainless-steel immersion tube is compatible with (CIP/SIP), and autoclave sterilization.
  • User safety: The safety laser management system protects personnel from accidental exposure to possible laser hazards.
  • An easy-to-use GMP Process Analytical Technology (PAT) platform to monitor cell cultures in-line and in real-time, from process development to manufacturing biosimilars.

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