HVAC Applications seminar on 13 September 2023 in Sheraton Cairo Hotel.

  • Noor Scientific & Trade invited consultants and contractors interested in HVAC applications to a seminar in the Sheraton Cairo Hotel on 13 September 2023, where developments and potentialities for HVAC systems were demonstrated.

  • The seminar attracted approximately 120 eminent consultants and contractors who specialize in HVAC applications. These individuals were interested in staying up to date with the latest advancements and trends in the HVAC industry.

  • Two major international companies, HERZ-Armaturen and Keyter Technologies, which are well-known for their expertise and specialization in producing HVAC products, and that are represented in Egypt through Noor Scientific & Trade, participated in the seminar.

  • During the seminar, HERZ-Armaturen and Keyter Technologies showcased their respective product ranges. They provided live demonstrations and presentations to highlight the applications and features of their HVAC systems. This allowed the attendees to gain firsthand knowledge about the latest technologies and innovations in the field.

  • The guests who attended the seminar expressed their satisfaction with the technical information and insights they received. They found the presentations informative and engaging, and they appreciated the opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge HVAC products and applications. The pleasant surrounding atmosphere of the event also contributed to their overall enjoyment.

  • Impressively, many of the attendees were so pleased with the seminar that they requested Noor Scientific & Trade to organize similar events in the future. This positive feedback reflects the success of the seminar in meeting the attendees’ expectations and providing them with valuable industry knowledge.

  • Overall, the seminar served as a platform for renowned HVAC consultants, contractors, and industry experts to gather, exchange ideas, and explore the latest advancements in HVAC technology. It successfully fulfilled its objective of informing and inspiring the attendees, leaving a lasting impression on them.