The “Laboratory Equipment: Methodologies and Products” seminar on 14 October 2023 in Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo

It was our great pleasure to welcome a group of distinguished laboratory doctors who are working for the laboratories of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population in different governorates and who attended our seminar titled “Laboratory Equipment: Methodologies and Products” organized by the Biotechnology Division in Noor Scientific & Trade on October 14, 2023, in Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo.
The event was so successful where scientific lectures on Water Purification Systems, Rapid Testing Methodologies in Food and Beverages, and advances in Liquid Handling and Real Time PCR Extraction Solutions were presented.

The lab water presentation highlighted the fact that Noor Scientific & Trade can offer total solution for all needs in lab water field. Also, it was the first time to discuss the specialization within critical laboratory experiments such as PCR, Cell culture, chemical analysis, and high critical applications as ICP- MS and LC-MS…. etc. providing a large group of specialized application packs that are used as polishers installed on water devices point of use and can focus on the contaminant of interest for this application. Besides, a very advanced unit was introduced to raise the level of water purity from organic and inorganic contamination to ppt & sub ppt range of water quality to match the most precise advanced techniques in chemical analysis such as ICP- MS and LC-MS.

The lecture of the Microbial Rapid Testing introduced methodologies and products serving to facilitate the application of microbial testing. The MC Media Pad® was introduced as a convenient method for the rapid routine testing of microbial contamination of raw and in-process food and beverage materials, and finished products. The lecturer explained that the SimPlate® Binary Detection Technology combines proprietary media and a patented plating device to provide fast and accurate quantitative results for key groups of indicator organisms, while the Singlepath® was introduced as a rapid Immunochromatographic test, designed to detect pathogenic bacteria in various food samples.

The last presentation focused on pioneering approaches to Real-Time PCR and liquid handling in high-throughput laboratory settings, with a special emphasis on Extraction Solutions tailored for the customers’ needs. It was a good opportunity to introduce the latest innovations and products by Analytik Jena, including their cutting-edge CyBio Felix Series and the diverse portfolio offered by IST Innuscreen, encompassing extraction and detection kits & Reagents. Besides, we also introduced the much-anticipated launch of the new “Iris qTower3 Real-Time PCR system from Analytik Jena”. Liquid Handling & Extraction Solutions played a pivotal role during the event, offering practical demonstrations of their seamless integration with Analytik Jena’s solutions.

The event was a dynamic forum that brought together scientists from the Ministry of Health Central Labs and industry leaders. The staff of Noor Scientific & Trade who presented the above-mentioned topics showed great appreciation for the positive reactivity of the attendees.

“Noteworthy that Noor Scientific & Trade and the Central Labs of Ministry of Health and Population have been in very close cooperation and strong relations for decades during which we always offered the best quality and advanced technology products, and we always got the appreciation of the staff of the Central Labs of Ministry of Health and Population.”