Noor Newsletter August 2023


  • Investing in our maintenance and service team is a key part of keeping our business running at its best. Service and maintenance training is a huge part of how engineers and technicians perform their work as excellently as possible. Being a local business partner with Merck, so our service engineers had participated and successfully passed the Mobius Mix/PowerMix service training that was held at Merck premises in Molsheim-France from July 31st to August 04th, 2023. Maintenance training courses ensure that our service team members meet the highest performance level in the maintenance program of the products we offer to our customers.


  • World Lung Cancer Day (August 1st, 2023)

World Lung Cancer Day is observed annually. The goal of Lung Cancer Day is to raise awareness about the risks, prevention, and early detection of lung cancer, while also providing support to those affected by the disease.

Product Of The Month

  • ONEIDA ECO inverter Chillers

A wide range of Water-to-Water Chillers with outstanding energy performance, equipped with drive screw, low-speed compressors and state-of- the-art shell and tube heat exchangers. Also, equipped with inverter screw compressors for maximum energy efficiency.
These models are efficient to be used for the HVAC applications of the main buildings, hypermarkets, industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, & many other applications requiring a highly efficient chilled water system.

ONEIDA ECO inverter Chillers

MANUFACTURED BY Keyter Technologies, S.L– Spain