Noor Newsletter January 2023


  • To enhance, develop and improve its performance in all its business activities, Noor Scientific & Trade signed an important contract to use and implement the ERP system SAP Business One, which will help the company with its comprehensive digital transformation.

    The digital transformation process is expected to be positively reflected on the quality of the business activities and hence the outcomes of these activities.  Noteworthy that Noor Scientific & Trade is the first reference for SAP Business 1 ERP system between its competitors assuring its precedence and pioneering.


  • 23 January – International Integrative Health Day

    This day is about coming together and inspiring worldwide dialog, education, collaboration, research initiatives, and programming about medicine that is patient-centered, holistic, economically and environmentally sustainable, and conscious of integrating different global medical systems.

Product Of The Month

  • An innovative and flexible leak testing machine for PP/PE bottles. A machine capable of performing leak tests using a vacuum decay system, with high performance in terms of efficiency and detection small micro-holes.
    The handling flexibility provided by the automated neck handling system avoids any bottle-to-bottles contact, thus preserving the integrity and quality of the containers by preemptively eliminating any source of defects. 
    The features, together with an extremely compact design, make INTEGRA a unique modular machine.

    Machine output = 50 – 300 BpM.