Noor Newsletter July 2023


  • Growing and expanding its scope of activities by introducing new innovative technologies to the clinical segment of the Egyptian market, the Medical Technologies Division of Noor Scientific & Trade recently signed a representation agreement with D-Heart (a major Italian company in the field of cardiology diagnostic and treatment devices).

  • D-Heart is specializing in the conceptualization, development and production of innovative medical devices and services to promote the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, by allowing low-cost & high-impact screening services to as many people as possible.


  • Hijri (Islamic) New Year (July 19, 2023)

Also known as the Arabic New Year. It begins on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar is lunar-based, and this year’s Islamic New Year started on July 19 of the Gregorian calendar .

Product Of The Month

  • Computest-Lite

The Computest-Lite wireless portable hardness tester is the high-quality answer to an essential need. It is a low-load (5kgf) hardness tester, which operates according to the Rockwell principle and allows the hardness of the entire range of ferrous and nonferrous metals to be measured without changing the indenter. The Computest-Lite
portable hardness tester can operate in different positions & is capable of measuring even very thin thicknesses down to 0.1mm. Equipped with an on-board display that allows the immediate reading of the result, makes the device even more agile to use while ensuring maximum accuracy. Computest-Lite is ACCREDIA-certifiable according to DIN 50157.