Noor Newsletter MAY 2024


Noor Scientific & Trade participated as an exhibitor in the HVAC-R EGYPT EXPO – ASHRAE CAIRO from May 13-15, 2024. The company’s pavilion featured exhibits from seven international companies represented locally in Egypt (Herz – KEYTER -plasma cleanair – Komtes Group – Brannan – ELBI S.P.A. – ONDA S.p.A.). The team welcomed visitors and provided detailed information about the products. Many construction consultants and contractors visited the pavilion and praised the exhibits. Noor Scientific & Trade’s Vice President, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Noor, also visited the exhibition, adding his valuable presence and insights. The company extends its sincere thanks to all the visitors and appreciates their interest, looking forward to meeting them at future events.


International Thalassaemia Day:
Aims to raise awareness about thalassaemia, a genetic blood disorder, and the importance of early detection and effective treatment. 

Product Of The Month

PBL RTF line offers complete robotic production lines for Ready-To-Fill (RTF) vials, syringes, and cartridges.
Our washing machines are designed for internal and external cleaning and drying of glass and plastic pharmaceutical containers.
Our depyrogenation tunnels are specially designed to be installed between a washing machine and an assembler or a final packaging system (depending on end-user requirements). These high output tunnels count on precise temperature control and heat distribution to ensure full sterilization of glass containers.
No glass-to-glass contact protects containers from cosmetic defects, particles, and contamination, thereby increasing production efficiency by way of fewer rejects.
Manufactured by PBL – Italy

Monthly Forum

The Transformations in the Energy Sector
“The Transformations in the Energy Sector” represents a dynamic and ever-evolving topic. It encompasses developments in renewable energy fields such as solar and wind, along with updates in the oil and gas industry. Key issues include governmental policies, environmental challenges, technological innovation, and sustainability. This field requires a deep understanding of its economic and environmental impacts and offers vast opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Scientific Facts

DNA Length:
DNA length, a key characteristic defining living organisms, varies widely among species. Human DNA stretches approximately two meters and is compacted within the cell nucleus by histones, forming the human genome. In contrast, DNA viruses can have much shorter lengths, with only a few thousand nucleotide bases. Techniques such as second and third-generation sequencing and chemical base analysis measure DNA length. Understanding DNA length is crucial for insights into biological processes such as cellular replication, genetic evolution, and gene-related diseases, thus playing a vital role in modern biology and its applications.

History of Science


In 1928, Alexander Fleming (1881-1955), a Scottish bacteriologist, serendipitously discovered the antibiotic properties of penicillin. While studying bacteria, Fleming noticed that a mold called Penicillium notatum inhibited bacterial growth in a petri dish. This chance observation led to the development of the first antibiotic drug, penicillin, which revolutionized medicine by effectively treating bacterial infections and saving countless lives. Fleming’s discovery laid the foundation for the field of antibiotics and marked a significant milestone in the history of medicine.