EFD Induction

EFD Induction provides industrial induction heating processes in defined market segments around the world.


CISAM-ERNST is the optimal meeting point between craftsmanship and industry, combining flexibility and accuracy with technology and internationality and aiming solving any problem of hardness measurement of metals.

inmess GmbH

Inmess GmbH manufactures solutions in the field of measurement and testing technology for the rim, tire, automotive and supplier industries.

BSN Thermprozesstechnik

BSN Thermprozesstechnik is a major European and global partner to the automotive and aircraft industries, driven by first-class product quality and the ambition to produce cutting-edge technology every day.


SECO/WARWICK creates innovative products that provide customers with reliable, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for heat treatment and metallurgy.


Inorcoat offers standard batch PVD systems that can be configured modularly to meet the needs of any PVD coating application.


Güralp has been developing revolutionary force-feedback broadband seismic instrumentation for more than 35 years.

Eureka Water Probes

Eureka Water Probes is a global leader in the design and manufacture of multiparameter water quality sondes offering the largest selection of sensor technologies for multiprobes in the industry.