Noor Scientific & Trade/Ministry of Health and Population Seminar

Noor Scientific &Trade/Ministry of Health & Population
Laboratories Equipment’s methods and products Seminar
April 11, 2021 Semiramis InterContinental Hotel – Teeba Ballroom
Mostafa Ismail : MMG-LS/BIO Divisions Sales Manager
Topics :
* QTAWER Real Time PCR & testing methods for detection of many applications
* Liquid handling in High Throughput lab with Extraction Solutions
By : Mostafa Bayoumi Territory Manager, MMG , Workflow Manager
Bio Division
* Membrane filtration method for water and bioburden testing.
* Food microbiology sample preparation products.
* Autoclaves, Media-Preparator & Media-Fill Systems.
By: Amr Sultan Territory Manager
Instrument & Process Solution Division
* New approach to Water Purification Systems in laboratories application
* Overview of solutions for microbiological testing & hygiene monitoring of Food and Beverages. By : Elsayed Bahaa Eldien Territory Manager