• Hirise allows radiologistst and orthopedic specialists to assess alignment of the total lower exterimity in 3D.
  • 35% improved fracture detection and 2-fold improved identification of complex fracture over X-Ray.
  • Faster examination with less than 55 second scan per joint, with less than 18 seconds of X-Ray exposure.
  • Increased patient turnover.
  • Compact size: 73in X 58in (185cm X 145cm) footprint
  • Easy to install
  • Plugs into standard 230VAC/30A outlets
  • Self-shielded, minimal additional shielding needed.
  • Easy entrance/exit design and a 50cm diameter bore create a comfortable patient experience.
  • Largest field-of-view in its class – 20cm x 43cm – FOV can be narrowed to reduce exposure.
  • Included visualization software displays dynamic 3D renderings, multiplanar slices and digitally reconstructed radiographs. Post-processing takes about 4 minutes per scan region.
  • Rotate the gantry to vertical orientation to facilitate scans of the hand, wrist, and elbow as well as non-weight bearing feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Lower the gantry for patients who are restricted to a wheelchair or unable to stand.
  • Cone Beam CT employs a wide, cone shaped beam that captures the entire region of interest in a single 360° pass.
  • Surgical Planning: Create a 3D model from a weight-bearing lower extremity scan to assess lower limb alignment, including the long leg axis and torsional deformities, as well as patellofemoral malalignments, with accuracy. Plan joint replacement (TKA/UKA) or corrective single or double level osteotomies (HTO/DFO) and de-rotation osteotomies in 3D, as well as creating 3D models for upper extremities.

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