Inverter Type Air Cooled Chillers 

Keyter Technologies S.L. – Spain

Technical Specifications

• Keyter PANGEA Inverter Air to Water chiller with inverter screw compressor.

• Keyter ONEIDA ECO Inverter Water to Water chiller with inverter screw compressor.

• PANGEA inverter type range: 88 TR up to 353 TR.

• ONEIDA ECO inverter type range: 66 TR up to 389 TR.

• PANGEA refrigerant type: R134a with GWP 1345 – R513a with GWP 573.

• ONEIDA ECO inverter refrigerant type: R1234ZE – lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 6.

• PANGEA Inverter model can use a full heat recovery system for generating a hot water.


Keyter Technologies S.L offers a wide range, highly efficient and power saving Air- & Water-Cooled chillers with screw compressors & using the inverter technology to obtain the maximum efficiency and power saving. These models are efficient to be used for the HVAC applications of the main buildings, hypermarkets, industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels and many other applications requiring a highly efficient chilled water system.

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