Maintenance & Services


After-sales maintenance and technical support services are main concerns of Noor Scientific & Trade aiming to provide enhanced customer service and maintenance services to our Egyptian and African customers.

To achieve this objective, a training center, laboratory, and showroom, managed by the Maintenance Department, is being established within our existing facility.


System Installation

Direct and easy to the right place.
At Noor, the installation of a system not only includes the delivery, but also everything from assembly to commissioning. This ensures that the new system is guaranteed to work flawlessly and can be operated.
Successful system installation ensures that it works correctly and the safety of those who will be using it.  Our service team members have the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of tasks starting from planning and preparation till physically installing the equipment ensuring proper operation, and training customer’s personnel on the appropriate operation of the machine.

Maintenance and Repair Service

Only regular support ensures protection and longtime function.
The NOOR technician is there when you need him, fast and uncomplicated. NOOR offers scheduled checks, preventive maintenance, recalibration, and requalification coordinated with staff on site.  Preventive maintenance programs are offered FOC to Egyptian customers and paid for African customers covered by this service.  Extensive spare parts lists and many decades of experience mean Noor specialists can perform services quickly. Noor always has spare parts in warehouses. Customer-specific spare parts packages can be stored on site for service use at short notice.


According to current standards.
The qualification (IQ, OQ), in a GMP-controlled environment is required. 
IQ validates that equipment is correctly installed; it is the first step in the validation process. In this phase, you verify that the manufacturing equipment meets the design specifications and has been correctly installed and configured according to requirements.   OQ validates that equipment operates as intended; it is the second step in the validation process. In this phase, you verify that the manufacturing equipment operates according to requirements.
NOOR has its own Reference Instruments for doing qualification and to ensure that it is always available without delay. The qualifications are based on international standards and the latest scientific knowledge.

Service Contracts after warranty period

Cost effective specific level of care.
As an integration into our valuable after-sales services, we provide a service contract to our customers, that’s to assure providing total-solution services by our well-trained and certified engineers.
Our aim is to keep our instruments working perfectly within their specifications during their life cycles.
The end user benefits Are:
1-Doing the preventive maintenance (PM) in time after warranty period.
2-Fast response for emergency call.
3-Got a service report after each visit which indicate the instrument status and the needed spare parts list.


Our after-sales team are highly qualified engineers and well-trained technicians who are highly experienced in electrical, mechanical, and electronic applications.
They have the capabilities and certifications to execute the required services in Egypt and Abroad for our international business partners.