After-sales maintenance and technical support services are the main concerns of Noor Scientific & Trade. Our after-sales and maintenance center is one of the most important strengths points of our company as it is supported by highly qualified engineers, well-trained technicians, a professionally equipped workshop, and an inventory of recommended spare parts. The maintenance center and staff are responsible for the installation and operation of equipment, customer staff training, preventive maintenance programs as well as immediate repairs.
The QUALIFICATION (validation, verification, calibration) services differentiate our service team from others.

Unique Resources

We depend ONLY on our own financial resources. Financing our business is totally independent of bank loans or facilities.

Training Programs

For Noor Scientific & Trade training is not an event, it is a continuous process. We cannot afford NOT training our staff. Training programs cover areas of product knowledge updates, selling / managerial skills and service technical programs.

Beside the in-house training programs, our sales/service staff always travels to Europe and America to attend sales/service training courses in the facilities of our principals who we exclusively represent. Customer hands-on training / workshops is another point of differentiation.

Marketing Functions

Our marketing strategy encompasses clear market definition, superior performance – relative to competition – in the key success factors of the business and creation of an appropriate marketing mix matching between corporate and product strengths on one side and the needs of customers to satisfy them on the other side.

To achieve our marketing objectives, we commit ourselves to continuously perform market studies and surveys to explore customers needs, to establish and regularly update our marketing information system and data base , and to precisely prepare a communication plan for each product depending mainly on personal selling supported by other communication programs e.g. advertising, sponsoring, seminars.

Business Development

Business development is an ongoing process in Noor Scientific & Trade. Internationally, we keep open channels with our principals to share ideas and experiences for the benefit of the business. Also, we maintain a quarterly reporting system discussing actual sales and opportunities for business expansion as well as difficulties and proposed solutions. Locally, we always look for business potentials and new business areas. Internally, enhancing the performance of the organization as a whole and maximizing the productivity of each individual employee is our day-to-day concern.

Business development plans to maximize outcomes ofcurrent business and to expand business adding new potential opportunities are always in implementation. Business Development Department is concerned with continuous market research, data base and information system as well as training activities and programs.