Nanospider – NS LAB

Nanospider lab. is a needle free electrospinning equipment manufactured by Elmarco (Czech republic) for various nanofiber applications.

Steritest™ Symbio Pumps

Steritest Symbio pumps are manufactured by Merck (Germany) to be used in clean air environment for sterility testing of sterile products.

Contact Angle Meters

Contact angle meters for highly accurate and easy measurement determining the wettability of a solid substrate by a liquid.

Mobius Power Mix Systems

Single-use mixing systems combine high performance mixing technology with design features that make them easy-to-use.


A highly reliable tool for analyzing thermal comfort phenomena and air quality in indoor environments, vehicles, aircrafts etc.


Easy-to-use, portable, and fully-automated instrument that accurately and reliably verifies the integrity of filters or processing equipment.