Noor Project With Egyptian Mint Authority

Being the exclusive representative in Egypt for Seco/Warwick (the world’s leading company in the field of heat treatment), Noor Scientific & Trade was awarded this national project that aims to develop business in the Egyptian Mint Authority to keep pace with the global development in this field.

The installed and operated heat treatment vacuum furnace with high pressure (15 bar ) and Gas Quenching System  ( Model 15VP-446 ) from Seco/Warwick technology offers uniform hardness, surface quality and optimized micro-structure of dies for superior coining die steel performance.

Noor Scientific &Trade started the project by the preparation of the installation-site with all civil works, starting from replacing the old floors with new concrete floors, laying high tension electricity cables, control panels, electrical distribution, water network supply and sewage, then installing a compressed air generating station, nitrogen gas network, and implementing a metal canopy outside the installation workshop.

Consequently the furnace and its components were installed and all mechanical and electrical works necessary for its operation were carried out according to the engineering drawings agreed upon with Seco/Warwick and the Egyptian Mint Authority.

On December 11, 2021, the installation, operation and training of the engineers of the Egyptian Mint Authority on all operations, programming and maintenance have been completed.