Noor Newsletter February 2022


Among 5 competing companies, the offer submitted by Noor Scientific & Trade, due to its comprehensiveness and superiority over the others’, gained the confidence, appreciation and acceptance of the Technical Committee for the public tender to supply water pumps of different capacities and diameters for the Alexandria Drinking Water Company (affiliated with the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation).

Accordingly, Noor Scientific & Trade supplied and commissioned 9 Sound-Attenuated, Diesel-Driven, Vacuum Assisted Pumping Units (4, 6 and 8 inchs).

Noor Scientific & Trade is proud and honored that the supplied equipment effectively and efficiently participated in the suction of the heavy rain water that the Alexandria Governorate was subjected to this winter, which helped the civil protection men to overcome the problem and alleviate the suffering of the citizens in Alexandria Governorate.

Noteworthy that this type of pumps is also well designed for sewage bypass wastewater applications


Noor Scientific & Trade congratulates its Japanese business partners on the occasion of Japan’s National Day (11 February) 

Product Of The Month

The Luminex® 200™ system provides a complete mid to high-range solution for rapid, accurate biomarker quantification.

It runs both magnetic bead and non-magnetic bead immunoassays. It measures up to 100 analytes per well of a 96-well microtiter plate in as little as 25 µL of sample.

User-friendly programming functions. Bar code reader included.

Main application is quantitative measurement of large protein molecules in focus areas such as: Bone Metabolism, Cancer Biomarkers, Cardiovascular Disease, Cell Signaling, Cellular Metabolism, Inflammation/Immunology, Metabolism, Neuroscience and Toxicity.

Luminex® 200™ system

Merck Millipore – Germany


Biomarkers are indicators to identify a biological situation and detecting any presence of biological activities and processes. Proteins are considered as a type of biomarkers based on their characteristics. Therefore, proteomics approach is one of the most promising approaches in this field. Techniques and methods of proteomics approach are used for the identification of proteins’ activities and presence as biomarkers for different types of diseases from different types of samples. There are three essential steps of this approach including: extraction and separation of proteins, identification of proteins, and verification of proteins.

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