Noor Newsletter January 2022


A   delegation   from   Noor   Scientific   &   Trade   visited  the  Arab  Health  Exhibition  held  in  Dubai  ( January 24-27 ).  The  delegation  met  with   the  regular  supplier  companies  to discuss  ways to develop and grow businesses in  Egypt.  Also,  potential  business  partners  were   met  to  discuss  policies  to  penetrate  the  Egyptian  market  through  cooperation  with  Noor  Scientific  & Trade.


Noor Scientific & Trade wishes its business partners (suppliers and customers)
a very prosperous, successful, healthy and peaceful new year 2022.

Product Of The Month

Vector advanced vacuum furnace with high pressure gas quenching
Vector  is   a  single – chamber  vacuum  furnace  using gas  quench  which  can  be  used  for  wide  variety  of heat treating processes and applications.   It  provides  important  capabilities  for producing high- uniformity  in   heat   treated   parts,  high   consistency   in  workloads,  and   high  speeds   in  batch  processing with  Low  consumption  of  power  and process  gases.  Vector   high   pressure   gas   quench  furnaces  are the ideal  solution  for  heat  treating. Vector  is  a   vacuum   furnace with round graphite hot zone.  These  furnaces  can  be  used  for  most standard hardening, tempering,  annealing, solution heat treating, brazing and sintering.


Vacuum Furnaces

Manufactured by Seco/Warwick - Poland


Heat Treatment: Heat treatment is the process  of  heating metal without letting it reach its  molten, or melting,  stage,  and  then  cooling  the  metal  in  a  controlled  way  to select  desired mechanical properties. Heat treatment is used to either make metal stronger  or  more malleable, more resistant to abrasion or more ductile.  There are five basic heat-treating processes:  hardening,  tempering,  annealing,  normalizing,  and case  hardening. Although  each  of  these  processes  brings  about  different  results  in metal, all of them  involve three basic steps: heating, soaking, and cooling.

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