Noor Newsletter April 2022


A delegation from MEPACO Medi Food pharmaceutical company consisting of Dr. Amr El-Sheari and Dr. Mai Ghoneim visited the testing laboratories in the main office of Noor Scientific & Trade (local agent of Merck) where they had the opportunity to evaluate the capacity of different sterilizing-grade options offered by Merck in order to optimize the sterilizing-grade filtration step of Amiodarone HCl drug. The trial was successful to determine the optimal choice and capacity of the required surface/membrane filter.
Noor Scientific & Trade is always interested in offering the utmost in-house technical support to its customers who are always welcomed to visit our laboratories and use the available facilities.


World Health Day (April 7, 2022) is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948, which focuses global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy.

Product Of The Month

pedCAT Premium is a Cone Beam CT Scanner which allows for weight bearing/standing scans of the foot & ankle giving the physicians the information they need to assess the biomechanical spatial relationships and alignment of the lower extremities in their functional position in 3D which have improved the understanding of deformities that are not easily identified on radiographs and are increasingly being used by orthopedic surgeons for diagnostic and preoperative planning purposes.

pedCAT Premium Cone Beam CT



Cone Beam CT employs a wide, cone shaped beam. One rotation captures the region of interest. CurveBeam systems have a fixed tube current (mA) of 5, which is well below ultra-low-dose settings of MDCT. Image quality of high contrast, hard tissue features is equivalent to MDCT. The flat panel detector is positioned closer to the anatomy being imaged, which means less X-Ray dose is required to capture similar signal strength, as compared to MDCT.


World Hemophilia Day (April 17, 2022) was started in 1989 by the World Federation of Hemophilia to raise awareness and bringing hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders to the attention of policymakers.

Other Recommended Products


A highly reliable tool for analyzing thermal comfort phenomena and air quality in indoor environments, vehicles, aircrafts etc.

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SNAP i.d.® 2.0

Protein Detection System developed to meet the needs of Western blotting customers, producing blots of a very high quality in record time.

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Easy-to-use, portable, and fully-automated instrument that accurately and reliably verifies the integrity of filters or processing equipment.

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