Noor Newsletter August 2022


  • Through efficient marketing & sales activities of Noor Scientific & Trade, EVA Pharma ordered a Rame-Hart advanced fully automated complete line of machines including inoculation, harvesting, de-capping, egg inspection, fluid inspection & egg disposal that will be used to produce embryonic egg cultured vaccines. Maintenance & installation department in Noor Scientific & Trade (together with a technical expert from Rame-Hart) installed successfully, tested & initially operated the complete system.


  • International Biodiesel / Biofuel Day (August 10, 2022): August 10 is observed as World Biodiesel / Biofuel Day in which Sir Rudolf Diesel (in 1893) first successfully operated the mechanical engine with peanut oil.

Product Of The Month

  • A range of unique continuous flow thermal decontamination systems. It is ideal to treat large volumes of effluent. The standard range of models treats from 500 to more than 12,000 liters of effluent per hour, achieving decontamination of large volumes in a very short time. The systems are compliant with the highest requirements for containment BSL3–BSL4/SIL3. Operation is fully automatic, as the cycles are controlled by PLC & records. Operating expenses are limited due to very low energy consumption and very limited maintenance requirements.




  • Effluent decontamination system is a device designed to decontaminate biohazardous materials in fluid and liquid waste material. Facility types that may utilize such system include hospitals, food and beverage industry plants, research laboratories, agricultural and animal research facilities, pharmaceutical production facilities, and governmental or military facilities. Continuous flow EDS pass liquid effluent through a distance of heated pipework to sterilize it.


  • World Mosquito Day (August 20, 2022): It is observed annually on 20 August, as a commemoration of the discovery in 1897 that female anopheline mosquitoes transmit malaria to humans.

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