Manta+40 / Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes

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Technical Specifications

The Manta+40 comes standard with turbidity, temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen sensors, with the option to add ORP and depth sensors. In addition, the M+40 will accommodate 3 fluorometers from the following parameters: Phycocyanin (freshwater BGA), Phycoerythrin (marine BGA), Chlorophyll a-blue & Chlorophyll a-red, crude oil, refined oil, Tryptophan, CDOM/FDOM, Optical brightener, rhodamine dye, fluorescein dye, and PTSA, plus 3 ISE sensors. The M+40 model features our optical DO sensor with long-life (5+ years) replaceable cap, and refillable pH reference. Eliminating consumables ensures a low cost of its ownership over the life of the probe.


Eureka multiprobes are designed and built for use in numerous applications. In addition to standard profiling, unattended logging, and remote monitoring in Surface Water from (lakes, rivers, channels, and saltwater), Groundwater, Aquaculture, Dye Tracing, Harmful Algal Blooms, Oil Spill Response, Wastewater, Laboratories and Early Warning.

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